20+ Product Hunt Post-launch Tips

  1. Show off the Product Hunt badge
  2. Leverage your connections
  3. Reach out to your existing email subscribers
  4. Post about the launch in the relevant communities
  5. Write articles and guest posts
  6. Go social
  7. Run a giveaway
  8. Send your blog visitors to Product Hunt
  9. Offer discounts
  10. Tweet to everyone who upvotes
  11. Keep your media kit ready
  12. Keep FAQs ready
  13. Get featured in the newsletter
  14. Engage in the Ask Product Hunt section
  15. Keep an eye on the traffic
  16. Reply to each PH comments
  17. Reach out to the influencers
  18. Leverage Twitter
  19. Ask people who reach out to review
  20. In the end, thank everyone

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