[Case Study] CRED’s Ad campaign


Why CRED’s Ad campaign is claimed as the year’s best?

CRED came on board as the official partner of IPL2020 as they knew that if they want to increase their reach in India, then, they should try to be the most-watched brand during IPL.

Marketing Objectives of this campaign:
– To use IPL’s reach to drive messages surrounding financial & credit literacy.
– Creating engagements that the audience can access while watching the matches on their screen.

When cricket comes, Bollywood comes with it as well. They smartly introduced another ad campaign during IPL which became the most talked Ad campaign.

CRED was everywhere – OTT, Digital Ads, TV Ads (they trended on Twitter as well for the TV Ads)

The campaign:
Using some of the best celebrities in Bollywood
This was strategic – Instead of using the current young celebrities to target the youth, they brought the 1990’s & 2000’s popular faces which today’s credit card holders can relate to.

They showed celebrities making fun of themselves even if they are famous for those things. This was different from other ads.

Key Message – “Not everyone gets it” Communicating that it is not for everyone so that people can go and search about what exactly “CRED” is and why it is not for everyone. (Only those with a credit score of 750+ can become CRED members)

Differentiation in communication- Through “Let’s do a simple voice-over like Download CRED” they showed that they are not in the typical Ad business, they are in the credit card business.

Funny Ad instead of serious Ad – All Ads related to Financial products are serious & CRED changed this thing through their campaign.