[Case Study] Hotmail’s Email Signature campaign


Simple mission: provide free email to everyone, and make it accessible anywhere, from any browser.

The question was: What was the best way to inform the public and gain followers?

Answer: branded email signatures

At the bottom of every outgoing email, Hotmail attached a simple message. It read:

  1. “Get your free email at Hotmail”
  2. ‘PS: I love you. Get your free e-mail at Hotmail’

If people clicked on the link, they were directed to the Hotmail website where they could quickly and easily sign up for an account. It was a powerful call-to-action because it was succinct, offered a clear benefit, and made it easy to enact upon.

How well did it work?

Well, in just two years, Hotmail gained 12 million subscribers, spending just a half-million dollars in the process.

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