Content is compromised for ad dollars


Current unseen trend in advertising: Content is compromised for ad dollars

Pay per click, Cost per impression and/or Pay to play, which are pay-for-performance models that generate revenue for the publisher (typically, the website owner) only if the advertisement is clicked or viewed.

The publisher is incentivized to seek out as many advertisers as possible, often on a bid-based system.

The ethical dilemmas that come with PPC and CPI models, which are subject to abuse by click fraud, or Pay to Play tactics (advertorials, product placement, news coverage in exchange for ad purchases, etc) are not always transparently paid ads.

A new revenue model: “Ads-free account” is on rising.

Ever wondered why so many people subscribe to an ads-free plan?

You got it right! And marketers spend millions just to get millions of clicks or reach or traffic. Most of the time the bounce rate says the whole story.

When content is compromised for ad dollars, the level of reputation and respect for the publisher can dwindle as readers become disenfranchised and advertisers see less return(value) on their initial investment.

What are your thoughts on this?