Creating marketing channels that have high leverage


At HubSpot, we really believe in marketing channels that have high leverage (i.e. write it or build it once – and get value forever). As such, we take a very geeky and analytical approach to marketing.

We think of each piece of content (blog article, app, video, whatever) as a marketing asset. This asset creates a return – often indefinitely.

We contrast that to buying an ad which does not scale as well. When you advertise , the money you’re spending is what drives how much attention you get. Want more clicks? Spend more money. Contrast this to inbound marketing whereby the cost of producing a piece of content is relatively constant. But, if it generates 10x more leads in a month, your marginal cost for those extra leads is almost zero.

Further, with advertising (outbound marketing), the traffic you get generally stops when you stop paying. With inbound marketing, even after you stop producing new content, the old content can still drive ongoing visitors and leads.

Dharmesh of Hubspot