How do you focus on one thing? – Common Question


From my experience, I would advise: learn this the hard way.

  • Start lots of projects.
  • Overwhelm yourself.
  • Understand the pain of running multiple businesses and not being able to focus on one.

When I entered the entrepreneurship world I did multiple things – new websites, blogs, social media pages, businesses etc.

In numbers, they were more than 30 of them. I failed in most. Then I found out the one thing that I need to focus on which would not have been possible if I would have stuck to one at the start.

Once you make those mistakes, you won’t make them again. Right now you have so much energy that you can probably do this and still be successful.

You’ll learn so much in the process. I think you’ll learn and grow more than if you just stuck to one single project. Keep going!