How to get out of the comfort zone?


Today I was talking with one of my friend Sindhu (upcoming personal branding expert), she was telling how uncomfortable she was for posting her 1st video on Instagram a few months back and thankful that I forced her to get her 1st video shared on social channels.

Yes!! A personal branding expert whose one life goal is to build community and meet new people was hesitant to come before the camera.

More of camera phobic, she was fearful of the thought “What if the video didn’t get a good engagement?”

The fear of people-pleasing most of the time stops us from doing wonders.

The best part a few months back when she posted the first video after me forcing her to do that. Then after that, she became such a confident person on social media. And today she has more than 20 videos overall and the best part she ensures that she shares at least 2-3 video content.

Whatever she is today is all because of the coming out of the comfort zone.

The same thing I also went through in the case of writing. But when I got out of my comfort zone I today make sure that I put on daily content may be i.e, 3000 words article or 10 words statement. I write every day.

The story is the same for a couple of my friends – Sanat, Deepak, etc. Writing has become part of their life which once was a nightmare for them once.

How can you come out?

First thing, get out of the house.

Then, go to the grocery store or any shop you visit, ask the shopkeeper their name, and how long they’ve worked there.

Introduce yourself.

Boooooooom!! You just made a new friend.

Then, pick up a new hobby and/or sport – one that you are particularly beginner at. Be the worst person at that thing and experience some embarrassment and humiliation.

Experience this once and you’ll never hesitate about learning anything new again.

Start writing. Write every day. Learn to identify what’s in your comfort zone, and what’s not, and write about all of this. Write about your fears and insecurities, and how you’ll come to terms with them.

Fill up your day with activities. Projects. Work. Writing. Reading. Sports. Meeting friends. FaceTime chats. Go to the movies. Make a movie. Learn!

Download dating apps. Ask people on dates. Make new friends.

Look to your right or left right now, anyone there? Strike up a conversation with that person.

Ask people to do shit. Get rejected, bailed on, flaked on, and left for dead.

Discover that rejection has NOTHING to do with you – but really just people that you used to be like – passive, “fake busy”, and living without intention.

Then think back to all those times when people asked you to do something, and you didn’t do it because you wanted to stay home and binge YouTube. Realize those people are actually you know, living life to the fullest. Make those people your new friends.

Quit the boring job or move into an interesting job role. Start a business around your passion. Meet more amazing people that are also following their dreams. Meet the people that are running the world.

Discover that these people running the world had the same journey as you. You are one of them now.

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