I don’t care anymore


My new vibe: I don’t care anymore

For most of 2018, 2019, and 2020, I was so worked up and in my own head: 

  • Worried about not being successful “enough”.
  • Worried about my parents can’t say proudly what their son is doing.
  • Worried about tweeting too much.
  • Worried about charging money for my services/products.
  • Worried about what people would think about me.
  • Worried about failing in public.
  • Worried about failure.
  • Worried about not getting too many likes on social posts.

I don’t care anymore

What I learned this year is that nobody cares. Nobody is watching me that closely. In fact, if Facebook doesn’t disclose my Birthday then at least 95% fewer wishes will enter my inbox.

I had a large dose of self-importance, thinking that I had to keep up some identity. This poisoned my mind and made me stubborn.

I’m going rogue now.

If they don’t like it? I. Don’t. Care. Anymore.