Money or Time for an employee


“Everyone comes in at 9 and usually leaves around 6.”

Instead of rewarding great employees with time & freedom, businesses reward great employees with money.

Why? Because

(1) it’s a much simpler system and

(2) employees value money greater than time.

Money can buy everything but time can buy money.

When I start my own business, I don’t always get to reward myself with money, but I’ll always get to reward myself with time and that yielded me money.

Time is infinitely more valuable than money, and it took me until I was 24 to figure that out.

Businesses can’t change this because they have to manage so many employees and when you ask an employee and give 2 options – money or time. The definite answer would be money.

It’s not the problem of an employee but the belief system that has been created for the race of earning money.

I believe that all people should (at least once) experience what it’s like to not have a 9 to 5 job.

Then come back to job. I feel then everyone would be happier than ever. And businesses will not keep the concept of 9-6.

When employees realize TIME is the most essential for them and businesses realize TIME is more essential for their employees then the trust will flow in the air.