My life is boring


Life is quite boring for me every day. Sometimes I wish I had more exciting things to do. Sometimes I feel I should have the “E” term in my life more often.

E = Entertainment, Excitement

I follow some people that seem to “do a lot”. And sometimes I fear missing a lot of things in my life.

Am I doing less than them? Or is that just my perspective or imagination?

I think my life is intentionally boring, and many of my friends and family members have said a lot of times to me. I try to be a bit hard to reach. I stopped responding to every message that comes my way. I avoid doing many calls and having many meetings.

But that lifestyle leads to a lot of extra time during the day. And sometimes, that time feels wasted.

It’s a “guilt” thing for me. I feel pressure to capitalize on that time and do more things. Sometimes, I’m so pressured that I make myself busier, and then I hate how busy I am.

Being busy is scary. Busy is a trap. I see it in a lot of other people.

I need to embrace the boringness of my life more. And that’s why I’m writing this.

A boring life == a consistent life.

I just need to focus on the small number of things I want to do, every day, which are: 

  • spending time with family and friends,
  • making progress on my business
  • completing the half-read books
  • writing
  • working out
  • playing cricket

Sometimes, I want to start a podcast, write a book, learn how to make youtube videos, start a whole new business, become a Linkedin/Instagram influencer, etc etc etc.

But those are shiny new objects. Everyone else is out there chasing the next thing. 

My whole goal is to focus on the “old things”. The fundamentals. And the first principles.