Technology changes, but people stay the same


Human beings and our brains have been unchanged for a long time, which is why behavioral economics is so interesting – we’re susceptible to the same techniques whether it was delivered to our caveman brains or our modern brains.

And by the way, there’s a lot of techniques:

Referrals, content marketing, virality, coupons, publicity stunts, influencer marketing, A/B testing, copywriting etc etc…

Created 100 years ago…

Relevant 100 years from now!

There’s so many marketing techniques that have been invented over time, and why they worked back in the day, work today, and will always work. While the platforms may have been different, many of these ideas were invented over 100 years ago. Even more, it’s obvious that these techniques will be relevant even 100 years from now!

So when people ask “What’s next in growth?” they are often expecting an answer about technology when we should really be talking about people.

Growth opportunities arise constantly:
Classic strategies x New platforms x Smart execution

Growth opportunities will come from taking classic strategies – the stuff that’s been around for 100 years – that are fundamentally anchored on human behavior, and anchoring them on new platforms while executing well.

The future of growth will combine a few factors:

  • Classic strategies that are all about people
  • New platforms that present big new opportunities
  • Combined with iterative, thoughtful execution