The 1% Rule


Only 1% of employees get promotions
Only 1% get into best business/Engg schools
Only 1% get the best jobs
Only 1% become CEOs
Only 1% become millionaires

So what do these 1% do what others don’t?

Probably we will say:

  1. They are luckier
  2. They got a good headstart in life, born rich
  3. They are born with a high IQ
  4. Other people helped them

But the real answer is:

  1. They were working hard when others were sleeping, I was lazy
  2. They worked hard on their EQ & developed it, I had a low EQ
  3. They failed more than others, took more risks, I was fearful
  4. They attracted amazing things through their positivity, I struggled here.
  5. They worked harder on themselves to improve 1% every day, I was slow here
  6. They never procrastinated, moved from thinking to doing, this is where I struggled too
  7. They were clear about what they wanted to do & why I lost time here
  8. They helped people around them, gave freely, so more people helped, I was selfish
  9. They were highly networked
  10. They followed DOTS (Do One Thing Surely), fear & greed stopped me

The interesting thing is all of these can be learnt. You dont need to be born with them.

What is stopping you from being in the 1% club?

P.S: Folks in the 1% club never give excuses

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