The ‘f’ words – fear and failure


The entrepreneur journey is full of ups and downs and unsuccessful exits – get used to it, since the risk and effect of failure will only increase with the company’s scale.

“I spent sleepless nights concerned about employees’ jobs as Infosys scaled up and crossed the 100,000 employee mark in 2007,” recalled Gopalakrishnan.

When you start a company there is no time for worry – but this worry about failure creeps in as you scale, said R.K. Misra, serial entrepreneur and winner of the ‘Lead India Campaign.’

“As you scale, you have a moral responsibility to your employees. Some amount of fear will always be in your head, you don’t want to make employees regret joining you,” advised Kar.

“Intellectual arrogance and complacency are dangerous,” cautioned Natarajan of Mindtree. The B2B services company made an illogical move into the consumer mobile phone space, and faced major losses when it flopped.

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