Viral Cycle Time


The most important factor to increasing growth is … Viral Cycle Time.

David Skok, Tech-entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist

Viral Cycle Time is the amount of time it takes a user to invite another user, and it can have a massive impact.

For example, After 20 days with a cycle time of two days, you will have 20,470 users. But if you halved that cycle time to one day, you would have over 20 million users! It is logical that it would be better to have more cycles occur, but it is less obvious just how much better.

Having a greater proportion of users returning to service daily,
dramatically increases Viral Cycle Time for two reasons:

  • First, daily users initiate loops more often (think tagging a friend in a Facebook photo);
  • second, more daily active users mean more people to respond and react to each invitation.

The cycle not only perpetuates the process — with higher
and higher user engagement, it accelerates it.