Gang of influencers


There is a web of “influencers” in your social media bubble that make you believe they are successful and you need to be like them.

The photos or their rich lifestyle etc are more of their show-off and more of attracting brands rather than for their fans.

I always cringe when I hear people reference them as “experts” or “influencers” or “creators”.

Many of them are invested in each other, either with actual money or just mutual support. To be frank there are few groups and they have quite a unity between them.

Beware of trusting their retweets, endorsements, reviews & testimonials because they’re often not real. Just friends helping out friends.

These people aren’t very good at the thing itself (e.g. business, music, whatever your bubble is), but rather they’re great at marketing & branding themselves and are obsessed with looking good.

Those that are the best at their craft do not “tweet” or “promote”. Go look at Ratan Tata, Adani, Byju. 

If they do tweet, they’re not “show off of their richness” or clickbait. Just rather being honest and engaging with their organic audiences.

These “influencers” remind me of Instagram models. The talent they have is not modeling itself. Their talent is in optimizing the Instagram algorithm and getting quasi-status for a short amount of time, but then is quickly forgotten about.