What is your name?


Every morning and night I go down to my PG kitchen to get my food.

And every day, the same guy is working there preparing delicious food and serving me food.

Every day, we have the same encounter:

  • I walk in
  • I put my plate forward.
  • He serves me the food and asks if anything else I needed.
  • I eat.
  • I say thanks and go on with my day.

This was the routine “come-eat-go” and tunnel-visioned back to my laptop, thinking about work, thinking about how to be “efficient” with my time, only thinking about myself.

After many months, I realized I was being a robot.

One day, I switched it up. I asked him his name.

The biggest smile came across his face. He asked my name, and in that instant, I made a friend.

Every day, I learn a little about him and he learns a little about me. His name is Anna. He works every single day of the week, Monday through Sunday. He lives in the side building of my PG. He plays and teaches tennis to smaller kids nearby. He is married. He has a son named Venu.

Asking someone’s name shows you care about them, even in some tiny, minute way.

Besides being a decent human being, asking someone’s name keeps YOU curious, and remaining curious will give you everything you want in life.

Instead of the same eating routine every morning and night, my small conversation with Anna starts my day off with a little dose of curiosity, which I carry into my next activity or endeavor, and the next. It keeps me on my toes.

Ask their name! Stay curious!!

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